Two young actors I love:
Joe Dempsie and Lily Loveless.


Joe and Jack at the BAFTA pre party.


My two favourite Skins boys in one picture <3

Kaya Scodelario, Joe Dempsie, and Lily Loveless @ V Festival.


ugh there are no words to describe my love for joe dempsie

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@mhmdklf1999 Here’s Ahmed in the background. Reckon I DEFINITELY saved this one.

The first time I went out there (L.A) was when it was pilot season and I vowed never to do it again.  I realized that so much of it is so mediocre and I think you get a lot of British actors who decide for some reason that America is the holy grail and that they’re going to do whatever it takes to make it there. I’m like- why would you leave any sense of integrity working here to work in America? It doesn’t make any sense to me...

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I like to keep tabs on trends and fashion is something I’m really interested in. I try and only follow trends that suit me. You see people that just go with it and end up looking a bit silly. I think I got to about 20 and realised I was still wearing trainers and hoodies, and I realised I needed to grow up a bit if I was going to be taken seriously as an actor. (more here)


Joseph Maxwell Dempsie, warn a girl when you’re going to show yourself outside like this!



Hannah Murray, Daniel Kaluuya and Joe Dempsie



Joe Dempsie looking ridiculously hot in The Guardian outtakes (x)

Audiences in every medium are becoming far more savvy. No one goes to watch a Tom Cruise movie any more just because it’s starring Tom Cruise. No one gives a toss. Concept is what makes actors raise their game. Everyone’s on merit now. A pretty face only gets you so far these days. Even pretty boys don’t want to do the pretty boy roles. I suppose the old guard have known this for years – you have a choice as to the extent to which you want to become a celebrity. People say, oh, well, it goes with the territory – it doesn’t, actually. You can decide how prevalent you want to be. There’s a parting of the ways now between actors and celebrities. There are dedicated actors and there are people now who only stay famous for putting on weight, losing it, then putting it on again. — Joe Dempsie (x)
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Joe Dempsie for Wonderland Magazine (x)

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