"Audiences in every medium are becoming far more savvy. No one goes to watch a Tom Cruise movie any more just because it’s starring Tom Cruise. No one gives a toss. Concept is what makes actors raise their game. Everyone’s on merit now. A pretty face only gets you so far these days. Even pretty boys don’t want to do the pretty boy roles. I suppose the old guard have known this for years – you have a choice as to the extent to which you want to become a celebrity. People say, oh, well, it goes with the territory – it doesn’t, actually. You can decide how prevalent you want to be. There’s a parting of the ways now between actors and celebrities. There are dedicated actors and there are people now who only stay famous for putting on weight, losing it, then putting it on again."
Joe Dempsie (x)

(Source: bandbreakers, via lazarusgirl)