Favorite FilmsDeath Proof (2007)

Cheers, Butterfly. The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. And I have promises to keep. Miles to go before I sleep. Did you hear me, Butterfly? Miles to go, before you sleep.

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The Unreluctant Adventures of Abernathy Ross by ~ratscape

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Vanessa Ferlito, “Death Proof”, 2007.



I should gif the car wreck and the second half of the film, but I just love the first 45 minutes of this movie.

I miss picking up some tacos and beer, then settling in to watch this movie on a night with no homework.

Suppose I could still do that, but Taco Bell tacos just aren’t the same as Zia Taqueria tacos.


Quentin Tarantino Character Meme;

Death Proof: Arlene/Butterfly / Vanessa Ferlito

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